Posted on March 20th, 2017

Experience is the most important parameter towards success. The successful person has the experience to find the path towards success and the solution of every problem and obstacle. Whereas the fresher’s need time and gain experience there may be a chance of failure.


Fresher satta matka player generally don’t have that much experience so they fails at satta matka guessing. But they gain experience from failure. Getting experience yourself is a good thing but in satta matka point of view failure means wastage of money. Getting success in less investment is the actual aim of satta matka which can be achieved through satta matka. In other field gaining experience is better before getting success because the experience works for life time for success. Whereas satta matka need instant success. If you get success instantly then you earn more.

Experienced player get the experience of satta matka guessing from past failure. They get the tricks and tips for satta matka from their previous attempt. Also they get the idea to avoid failure which is occurs multimple time in their life. They spend their life getting experience but in satta matka game they don’t get that much because getting success after ten or twenty years make you to earn for less time. Whereas if you get success after few attempts, then you have chance to earn for more for more time. So fresher should get success and should know the trick to avoid failure. This can be achieved if the fresher take help of a experienced person.


Experienced person get success due to their hard work but spend most of their life to get experience. In the other hand this can be achieved by a fresher by doing smart work without spending more time and with less chance of failure.
If a fresher take help of a experience person and copy or replicate the experience of a experienced person. In satta matka if you get tips and tricks or direct guessing from a experienced person then the instant success will encourage you. On the way also a fresher satta matka player will get experience while get success. In this scenario a fresher taking help of a experienced person is more success than the experienced person alone or fresher person alone. So taking help of a experienced person or satta matka player is smart work where as trying satta matka guessing yourself is hard work. Smart work has more chance of getting success where you will copy the hardwork of a experienced person.


Fresher satta matka player can copy the experience of a old player. But now the question is how a player will get help of a experienced player. So there are satta matka site they will guide you to become smart. Help you to get success. Also there are various fraud sites but we have to find out the genuine sites.
SATTA MATKA LIVE is the only site which is only genuine site with more than 100 experienced sattamatka guesser to help you in sattamatka game like kalian, Mumbai , Milan, rajdhani and delhi games.
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    Sattamatka Blog | Satta Matka Game Tips Blog

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    Excellent post…!!!

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    Ur article is really useful and helpful for satta matka players ,thanks for sharing

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  4. neeraj says:

    Excellent article…!!!

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  6. Lakshmi Naik says:

    Nowadays, Satta Matka becomes too much popular all over the nation and many gamers are attempting with you. As it is said above, try to learn from other’s experience in Satta Matka gaming world.

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    Nowadays, Satta Matka becomes too much popular all over the nation and many gamers are attempting with you. As it is said above, try to learn from other’s experience in Satta Matka gaming world.

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